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· comment if taking any.
· credit xtatiq &none else.
· do not hotlink them, please.
· textless icons are not bases.
· my resources are over here.
· if you nominate, comment.

034 ¦ buffy icons.
024 ¦ model icons.

( check out for more )

M O V E D!
pls go friend iqons instead.

new icon lj: iqons.
personal lj: xtatiq.

if your using my icons from this livejournal or from iqons then credit xtatiq. not iqons or mkstyle please. &comment if your using. i wont delete this livejournal because you maybe want some of my old icons here (: but please credit xtatiq. check my new icon lj &friend me, be sure to leave a comment if your using any of my stuff.

ps, i will update this sometimes so you can see that ive changed icon lj.

i made them quickly &im not going to post my icons here anymore. this is my last icon post here. add iqons  for more &latest icons. btw THANK YOU bbymich FOR THE LOVELY LAYOUT, CHECK MKSTYLE! THANX THANX THANX!

41: gemma ward.
11: mka.
18: models.
06: smg/buffy

this is my last icon update here in mkstyleCollapse )

school is coming closer, i dont have time to make so many icons. so ill take icon-request for some people. &please post the info just like this one, heres an example:

who?: sarah michelle gellar.
picture: please post the a href version.
effect: colorful icon. like this one, (post an example that ive made).
text: tiny text only. not big or anything like that.
size: 100x100 or 80x100 something.
etc: something else you want to say?
&: credit xtatiq, not mkstyle. im thinking of changing my name.

08: buffy.
19: makeup.
07: gemma.
12: mka.

with those colorful eyes you can do anythinCollapse )

37:  random models.
08: angie, nicole & paris.
13: mary-kate &ashley.
09: sarah michelle gellar.
05: christina aguilera.

80Collapse )

i dont think im going to make so much smg/buffy anymore. just few next time. no one is using them so thats it. but made some today. &i have no idea why im even posting these. i think these are the worst icon update ive done. LMAO. anyways.. bored u know.

22: buffy/smg
10: smallville
08: headers.

i want to see moreCollapse )

i dont care if they suck :)

23: gemma ward.
16: random models.
04: marykate &ash.

whateverCollapse )

ive heard that its like 50 userpics extra for those who have 50 icons. omg if anyone could buy me some userpic, i would make you some icon or headers, whatever. but i want the extra userpics on xtatiq. thanks & i´ll get in touch with you.

btw; i would be so happy if u bought me :O tell me anything u want, ill try fix it for you. byekthx

TOP 15 ICONSCollapse )

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